Wednesday October 1 2008 Electrons

Picture: Epic Goreshade by Privateer Press. This is from a game called War Machine, which I highly recommend. There are four basic factions in the game, and each of them costs $50 or so. With that one box and the rulebook you can have a lot of fun with it. Each model is like a whole unit in a game like 40K, with a ton of ability and cool stuff it can do.

The major news item today is that it is the first day of October and October is completely booked. I am extremely grateful to our clients and everyone who responded. I know full well that we live by the good graces of our clients (and fans!)

I am now starting the dash to fill up November, which is completely open. I am still running the following specials:

  • Tank Factory (painting on ten tanks for $400, twenty for $700).

  • Level Two (about $4.50 for basic painting on an infantry model, 30% off essentially)

  • Artistic License (10% off on painting if we get to pick color scheme/basing; can be combined with Level Two for 35% off)

  • Hungry Evil and Dead (25% off painting with Artistic License for undead, tyranids, and necrons)

I've also got a couple of armies on hand and ready to paint, each about 2000-3000 points: Orks and Biker Marines. You get a great deal on materials.

The following projects are under the brush for this cycle and should be done in 6-12 days. If you don't see your project and would like to know what is going on you can contact me and you'll get a prompt response:

Orks 01 BC (huge project, should be a couple of weeks)
Vampire Counts 03 DW
Orks 01 DV (huge project, should be a couple of weeks)
Deathwing 01 CG
Gnarloc 01 CW
Blood Bowl Undead 02 FC
Dark Elves 01 JM
Fantasy Figures 01 NH orc war.
Steel Legion 02 ES
Daemonhunters 01 FS display
Daemonhunters 01 FL display
Imperial Guard 02 JL tanks
Deathguard 01 HT tanks
RPG Heroes 01 CS
Tau 01 ML
RPG Figures 01 AJ

I have been sleeping extremely well this last few weeks, waking naturally and without alarm around 6:30am. On my mission I got to a point where I would wake up at 6:29am sharp, just before the alarm went off. And I go to sleep easily at night, tired from a full day of activity.

I got the kids ready for school. Their mother has done a great job training them to take care of their own stuff. Kenna gets up on her own, with her own alarm, and makes her bed without coercion. I usually get up after she does nowadays.

I got to the studio to find Sarah already wrapping up some paperwork, getting time cards organized and recorded. As most of you know we're doing a Morning Show a few times a week, and that is a load of fun. She's working on a Daemonhunters display board this week (for those gold daemonhunters which I just love).

Remember the Wyches of Thoth? Well, that project came to fruition in a big way. It turned out even better than I imagined. I wish I could have one! We've been doing some re-working on it, making the discs more creature-like as follows:

We had an unusual conjunction of artists with miscellaneous projects down at the studio. I spent about a half hour in the break room sitting on the couch and listening to Joseph along with Mike and Angela. Joseph is an extremely articulate and insightful person; he talked for about twenty minutes about Life, the Universe and Everything. It was a magic moment. Renn walked in partway through to delivery my Player's Guide to the Realms (D&D) book. That was seventh heaven.

For that one glorious frame I was caught up on my work, and everything was in order.

OK, so a few unanswered emails in there. But mostly caught up...

I arrived home to find my gorgeous and gloriously pregnant wife making seasoned roast potatoes and mushrooms. The heady smell of it filled our home.

As the sun slid down underneath the distant lakes, en-pinkening lazy chalk lines of clouds, I headed out on a walk with Griffin. He is able to pilot his little red trike smoothly. He stops for flowers, small dogs, and dead bugs. There is an open field nearby where he ran around and rolled down grassy hills.

Renn is selling off his Dark Angels army. About 2000 points, everything sharp and respectably painted. It's $400 worth of model, with a steal of a deal on assembly, conversions and painting, weighing in at $750. More might be coming on that.

1x Azrael
1x Dreadnought
2x Dreadnought alternate arms (just the arms)
1x Whirlwind (alternate magnetize missiles)
1x Razorback turret (turret only, converts whirlwind into razorback)
5x Tacticals (power fist and plasma rifle)
5x Tacticals (power fist and meltagun)
1x Predator (autocannon and lascannon magnetized)
1x Rhino
3x Bikers (power sword and two plasmaguns)
3x Bikers (power fist and two meltaguns)
1x Land Raider Crusader
5x Command models (flame thrower, standard, apothecary, power sword/plasma pistol, power sword/bolt pistol)
5x Assault Marines (power fist)
1x Chaplain (jump pack)
1x Ravenwing Land Speeder (heavy bolter and assault cannon)
1x Attack Bike (multi-melta)
4x Masters of the Chapter
5x Veterans (thunder hammer, chainswordsx2, power sword)



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