Breaking the Back of the Horde

I cracked the whip on me-self bright and early this morning. It is now 10:30pm or so and my Inbox is completely cleared. What's more every single project is underway, assigned, models-on-order, and payments-recorded.

In 10-12 days all project currently booked should be at least out of Assembly. A number of major projects are being painted already and are due in sometime next week.

All eight cylinders are pumping, thumping in time.

Friday from 11am to 3pm I'm going to be up at the University of Utah for the big senatorial debate. I plan on burning out ten pencils taking notes. After this I will publish preliminary findings. I can't describe what a pleasant experience this whole thing has been. I feel like a fish that has lived on land his whole life and is just now in water.

In spite of the pace, I did manage to make it home for cub scouts. We planted seeds in an indoor mini-greenhouse thing. I also went out to lunch with my wife and baby daughter. At Subway she ate a chocolate chip cookie, but apparently didn't swallow any of it. Unexpectedly she just spit the whole thing out over table, clothes and floor. She thought she was pretty clever!



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