D&D Tiles

Hey all. I'm looking for sets (opened and/or used OK) of the D&D tile sets. If interested send me a list of what you got. I'm willing to offer cash or trade and looking to seal the deal in short order.

Email Shawn at bluetablepainting@gmail.com

I can pay via Paypal/Check when the tiles arrive.

I like those plastic figs, too (ashamed to say) but only willing to pay cut-rate by the bucket-full.

Or you can donate stuff and spread the happiness around. The Universe loves a Giver!

PS- D&D tile sets I'm particularly on the hunt for (disclosure: these have value due to rarity)
Hidden Crypts
Streets of Shadow
Dungeon Tiles
Arcane Corridors
Dire Tombs

Multiples would be nice.



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