I woke up around 8am this morning in my bower of love with my darling Eternal Companion, pale green sheets and silvery blue blankets. The toilet is not working, the chain is broken. While taking off the top-cover I dropped it and it cracked in two. For breakfast I had eggs, mango salsa, and cheddar cheese. Oh, and baked potato.

I haven't been to church for five weeks or so. Or even if I have, I left early. I feel like a dried up old sponge. I got the older kids ready early, no showing up late today. My wife wasn't feeling well so she stayed home with Willow. Church was awesome. I feel like I was completely filled. I realized, though, that I wasn't listening. I was feeling... absorbing. Seriously, I would listen to a speaker for like ten minutes and lucky to remember even a single word. But I could sense an emanation from each person, like a translucent wave coming out of them.

I love to be around people. People are good.

I took a two or three hour nap. Deep sleep. I had a dream. I was in a deep forest; dry and gnarled. The ground cover was thick and the scent of loam and heather heavy in the air. It was a loud forest, brittle near-autumn leaves rattling and just-out-of-sight streams. I was trying to find my way out. An auburn-haired Dryad was my companion and guide. We stayed in old abandoned mills and houses. Days we traveled to the edge. It was a steep ravine at the edge of the forest, a smooth hill perhaps fifty feet down, and at the bottom a black iron fence with spikes across the top. Just on the other side was a shallow river. It was blue, green and clear. Inviting. And beyond that a city of white-bluish-grey marble, layed in blocks very exactly. It rose up out of steps on the far side of the river. There was a dominant building. The architecture was very familiar, and I remembered it distinctly when I woke up (see the pic below. It was something like that).

Others were gathered at the edge. My Dryad companion could take me no further. It was up to me to leap and with faith and will clear the fence and into the city. It was a Mowgli moment. The dream ended as I was leaping off the edge.

I took a walk with Willow. She is not content to be inside. Or even to explore around in the yard. She wants to take off down the sidewalk. I keep a close eye on her. Afternoon and evening passed in familial bliss, kids running around. Right now, my wife and I are watching the Mentalist, then off to bed.

I can't wait to get going on Monday. It's going to be a big day.



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