On the Run

This week has been a grueling gauntlet.

Sarah is out this week. I've barely been able to keep up on the basics. That's why no vids really. Plus the Clean Slate sale. That's been a lot of work. I sold more than half the studio terrain to a single individual. It's quite a bit.

I've been to tons of meetings as a Delegate. I'll be done with that soon. This morning I was at another local Town Hall at 7:30am. Completely, absolutely completely different than how they seem to be portrayed on TV-- a spirit of cooperation and respect pervades. Hard questions, hard discussions, yes, but no hard feelings.

My politics are simple: I am against involuntary mechanisms. I begrudge no man his freedom to build his own utopia as he sees fit. But don't make me fit into your scheme.

Here's a thing I'm in the process of digesting. What do you think?

On Saturday I've got a big game planned. Tyranids vs Blood Angels. Oh, that's going to be a rumble in the jungle.

PS- I came across this comment on Youtube which just hits exactly something I've been thinking over recently. This is the hideous truth of our existence. ALL taxes are ultimately distributed at the bottom of the pyramid. It is done inexorably and invisibly.

_________ think when a business has more business expense that the owner(s) actually take out their wallets and pay increased tax expenses. Tax is a business expense paid by consumers through increased prices, reduced wages or lost wages. Do people really think someone is stupid enough to not pass on the cost or reduce their workforce to compensate?

I mean no offense here. This is a thought that has been percolating with me for a while. I hear "40% or whatever of all people pay no federal income tax" but at the same time "the average person has to work through April to pay their federal taxes" How can both be true? It's because the huge load of taxation is invisible.



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