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In this Newsletter we have a great selection of eagerly-anticipated Ork, Space Wolves and Tau releases, first showcased at the Forge World Open Day. We also have some news about the upcoming Games Day France, for which we are making our final preparations.

Ead Brown

Ork Kustom Stompa
StompaThere are some Mek Bosses who are well-supplied enough to be able to kustom-build a Stompa as a bespoke project for a particularly wealthy Warboss, extra spikes, additional weapons and ornate bosspoles are common additions. The weapon arms usually seen on these war machines are replaced with energy weapons capable of tossing huge tanks across the battlefield with devastating results, or giant rippa klaws to rend enemy war machines apart at close quarters - all the better to claim the choicest scrap for future projekts.

The Meks also delight in diverting the power of the Stompas roaring engines into enormous and unpredictable force beam generators, built into the head of this gigantic idol to Gork (or possibly Mork). Such devastating power can tear even the mighty Titans of the Adeptus Mechanicus asunder in a storm of energy, and regardless of design are commonly known as the Gaze of Mork (or possibly Gork). Some firepower-obsessed Meks even replace the internal transport capacity of a Stompa with a huge-bore Kannon, usually called a Belly Gun in typical Orky fashion. The unstable gait of the war machine makes such a weapon even more inaccurate, but this is seen as a suitable trade for the overwhelming noise of the gun and the size of the explosions made by its gargantuan shells.

These monstrous resin upgrade kits for the plastic Stompa, designed by Stuart Williamson, allow you to add a wide variety of weapon options to the plastic Stompa kit. The resin conversion kits are available to order here for dispatch during the week commencing April 26th, and can also be purchased as a complete resin and plastic kit:

The Complete Ork Stompa contains the Head, Klaw and Lifta-Droppa arms, and a plastic Stompa kit. The forthcoming Imperial Armour 8: Raid on Kastorel-Novem will feature technical information, background and full rules for a Kustom Stompa.

Tau XV-9-01 with Fusion Cascades
XV9-1 Fusion  CascadeThe first of our XV-9 variants, this advanced Battlesuit, designed by Daren Parrwood, mounts cutting-edge fusion gun variants that can be used with the high-tech systems of the XV-9, and the Fusion Cascade engulfs its target in powerful melta energy. It fires in bursts, meaning that despite each charge being less powerful than an Imperial equivalent, it can overwhelm its target through weight of fire.

Tau XV-9-04 with Phased Ion Guns
XV-9-4  PHased Ion Cannons
The XV-9-04 wields Phased Ion Guns - these experimental weapons seek to develop the rapid-firing technology of the Cyclic Ion blaster and vehicle mounted Ion Cannon into a stable battlesuit system. The long accelerators of the Phased Ion Gun allow the pilot to engage the enemy at range with a storm of projectiles that react explosively on an atomic level, decimating heavily armoured infantry and vehicles.

Tau Shas'o R'alai and Drones
Shaso  RalaiThe Shas'vre assigned to pilot the XV-9 Battlesuit armour are combat veterans, each a survivor of the deadliest battles against the Greater Good's most savage foes. The Fire Caste of Ke'lshan has mastered the use of the XV-9, and within this cadre of solemn and determined warriors Shas'o R'alai is a paragon amongst veterans; his skills have been rewarded with the most advanced weapons and equipment produced by the Earth Caste.

Full rules and background for the XV-9, XV-9-01 and XV-9-04 can be found in Imperial Armour Apocalypse II. Full rules and background for Shas'o R'alai will be available to download from the Forge World website in the coming months.
All three of these resin kits, designed by Daren Parrwood, are available to order here for dispatch during the week commencing April 26th.



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