Caught Up

Oh yeah, this happened.

This morning the whole family slept in. We were wiped out from Trafalga (a mini amusement park/miniature golf place) from the night before. Great memories. K wiped out twice on the go-cart track. She only wanted to go slow after that.

We are caught up at the studio. That's our new goal; everything caught up by 6pm every night. I only have a few emails left. I'm currently booking projects for May, we're ready whenever you are.

I've got that Imperial Guard Renegades army on the block. It's all refurbed and looking good. Tag on that is $2450 shipped US or most places overseas. It's easily 3000 pts. It's really a deluxe force and ready to bring joy and satisfaction for years to come.

Other big news: ran a quick D&D session today just for kicks. Loads of fun. Everyone is quivering with excitement.

Other big news besides that: I have now officially done my due diligence as a candidate. I've got County Convention this Saturday and State Convention in early May. It's really been great. Just a fabulous experience. I do so highly recommend.



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