Heru Sky Raiders Testimonial

Hello Mr. Gately Sir,

I'd like to offer a brief Testimonial:

A few months ago I picked up the Heru Sky Raiders concept high elf army. Let me just say it's turned quite a number of heads at my game show. So much so, that when I took them to a local tournament, almost every player had to stop and take a look at the army, and people felt lucky to get to play against it.

While your company does fine job painting miniatures, I think what sets BTP ahead of the pack is the sheer creativity it displays - no other painting service on the web will go the extra mile and create something so unique like the concept units and armies you produce. Kudos for daring to be creative, and even though this army didn't have an original sponsor, I am glad you went ahead with your passion and created something so unique and beautiful.

As a side note, before this army I fielded an Ogre Kingdoms army, and after many games, I had all of one victory (to another Ogre player) to my name. I thought I was just the most miserable fantasy player on the planet. On the tournament I took the Heru Sky Raiders (also the first time I actually played with the army)...I got 2nd place! Maybe it's the overall stronger army book, maybe it was all the experience I got with a handicapped army...or maybe there really is something to the legend that a painted army just performs better on the battlefield!





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