Side Note

Here is a sharp spear of a radio program blurb about constitutionally-minded candidates for the Senate race.

Is there such a thing as a constitutionally-minded Democrat? If so, I'd love to hear something from that side. Anyone?

Hey! I had a taker

Hi Shawn,

I always read your blog even though I don't always agree with your politics. I saw your post about "constitutionally-minded Democrats" and I thought I'd throw Dennis Kucinich out there. If you look him up you will see that he has agreed on many issues with your favorite Ron Paul. I'm not sure what you mean by "constitutionally minded" but this radio show by Mark Levin seems extremely UNconstitutional to me. His support for the Arizona Immigration Bill shows his bigotry and complete disregard for the constitution. How is it constitutional to harass people for not being white? It's really frustrating that all these people calling for less government never bring up the issue of all the money that is being wasted by the military or that under GW Bush the Government increased in size more than it had in 70 years. Yet the fingers get pointed at Obama.

Keep up the great blog,

I appreciate your comments and plan on posting them. If you follow the goings on in the Republican party there's definitely a vocal faction that was not happy with George Bush Jr. either. I am one of them. I think that the problems go back thirty, or even a hundred years.

I would at least like to have some solvency and honesty rather than the "kick the can down the road" shenanigans going on for the last 30+ years.




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