Clean Slate- Updated 6th time (terrain gone, tyranids split)

I have decided to take the extraordinary measure of selling much of the studio resources. It's time to wash my hands of the banks once and for all (clear up debts for future smooth sailing). This is NOT a going out of business sale. At all. BTP is like a cockroach. You couldn't kill it if you tried.

Almost nothing is off the block. If you've ever seen anything on one of our vids, contact me, it is likely for sale. I will be adding things in the coming days.

If you are a veteran client (8+ projects) then you get 25% off.

There is no cost for shipping in the US. We will not ship bulky items overseas for this one case, but armies et. al. are $25 flat rate.

Also check the website for miscellaneous on the block. I have reduced prices temporarily.


  • All sold except:
  • Trenchworks Board (includes also eight decorative pieces, pickup or actual shipping which could be a LOT-- $1850)
Models and Armies
  • Fateweavers Army (2500+ pt Tzeentch army for Warhammer 40K or Fantasy dual use-- SOLD!)
  • Mesa Nids Army (5000+ pt Tyranids army, all new and awesome-- $5200) I will now split this into two or three lots if needed.
  • Oceanic Eldar ($1850)
  • Imperial Fists Army ($850)
  • Space Wolves Army ($850)
  • Skorne Army (pics here but may be more added since then-- SOLD!)
  • Skorne Army 2 (mostly L2, on this vid-- $350)
  • Legion Army (painted-- $160)
  • Legion Army (unpainted-- $160)
  • Swarmlord Ultra (first one every made, an original piece-- $310)
  • Tervigon Delta (original piece-- $120)
Other and Miscellaneous
  • Space Hulk Deluxe (all models painted L4 and in custom foam, brand new board pieces included-- $600)
  • Space Hulk Box (unopened, four available-- $150)
  • Miscellaneous Stock for Warhammer 40K (ALL SOLD!)
  • Miscellaneous Stock for Warhammer Fantasy (four available, at least $500 retail worth of kits mostly new-- $250)
  • Miscellaneous Painted (four available, at least $200 retail worth of painted figures, I will gladly skew towards game system you prefer-- $100)
  • Nurgle Hellcannon (two available, includes crew-- SOLD!)
I will update this post here and there as things develop. This is all limited time offer.

I will also entertain a block amount for multiple items and even a flat amount for "take everything".

Now, don't be sad. All this means is that we can build up yet more really cool stuff. Also, I don't need to liquidate everything.



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