Various Items

Not much to say. My wife's brother is clearing the yard of a winter's worth of overgrowth which is really nice. That includes pulling out a few dead trees.

I'm booking projects for April.

I will be incommunicado until Saturday evening on account of County Convention. This is where all Rep. candidates are moved forward to the general election... county level only (so like state representative, surveyor, assessor, commissioner seats (these are the most desired turns out), sheriff and so forth.

The only bad thing about politics is all the misrepresentation. That said, it's possible for two good people to see things differently. That's all right. What surprises me is the depth of the humanity involved, people who are willing to put their lives and careers on the line for what they believe in. It's clear to me now that there should be a two term maximum for everything. Men who are in office too long get... changed. I don't think it's because they are bad in their core. It's the nature of it.

No one can wear the Ring for too long without being changed.

On another note: for what it's worth for me to say it, thank you! The fans and clients of BTP are just a delight to work with. You are all so kind and sustain me and the crew day to day with your kind comments.



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