Green Circles

Even though it's not his actual birthday, we celebrates G's 5th today. There was quite a crowd for that. His cake was so cute: lime and dark green circles on white frosting and five little candles.

Hey, let's flash back to last night. My wife and I went out and had some Thai food. Yummers. The Thai place is right next door to the local game shop so I managed a sneak over there to pick up some D&D books. I've been jonesin' something fierce for some D&D.

OK, all done with that.

Today I took a walk with Willow. She stopped every three feet to look at a plant, flower, bee, leaf or somesuch. She absolutely loves to get outside. She comes up to me with her tiny white plastic shoes and grunts her urgency to get out the front door.

Spring has sprung, the most beautiful season of the year.



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