Fires of Industry

The Industrial Orcs are proceeding apace. Sixty boyz are already put together.

The Black Orc Warbosses were mostly finished today including a worthy battle standard bearer. Next are the various war machines. All these are being expressed as WW1-looking big guns. Snotling pump wagons as grot-tank-type things. Some other infernal machines are percolating in my ant brain.

Behind the scenes I came within a micron of switching to Dwarfs. But I chose to stay the course. The thing with the industrial orcs is that they are being made from scrap bitz. That's not to say they're cheaper overall on account of the labor involved with conversion work. The big factor is the models are on hand and I'm really itching to get them in a fight.

Dwarfs are probably next. I've never done a Dwarf army and they really are not my style. But it's time to get out of the box.

I got Mike D. on the line to come in and play a game this Saturday. I don't know whether I want to get my feet wet in Warhammer 8th ed. or to get in a game of War Machine with my Retribution reinforcements. Either way Mike is in trouble.

Meanwhile back at the homestead... My lovely wife headed out for some Indian take-out as soon as I got home from work last night. While she was doing that I got the kids ready for bed, always an adventure. I brought home some of the D&D figures (the cheapie plastic ones that were donated) and they played with those in the tub. After sopping up soapy water off the bathroom floor with a pile of dirty clothes I got them in their jammies just in time for mommy to get home.

After that, we retired to our "bower of love" with a jam-packed tray of steaming-good food; chicken vindaloo, vegetarian coconut korma, rice (of course), sweet bread, tandoori chicken, ice cold chocolate milk, and a pitcher of ice-water. We watched "Pushing Daisies" on Netflix. Tamie loves that show.

It was during this episode that Mike D. called to set up our game. Tamie has the idea that I'm doing things with her all day Saturday, but guess what? I'll be down at the studio playing Warhammer and that's that. Saturday night is a different story.

The D&D campaign is on hold. The more I think of doing a next shot I can't help but get an almighty hankering to do some sci-fi. I've got an almighty good idea for it. If only you could see what's in my head...



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