Treasure Trove

Status updates for Friday. Still running

This is a limited time offer, I don't know how long it's going to run. It's first-paid, first-served. I can take Paypal or credit card by phone.

Some items are already on our website in the Gallery For Sale section or in the For Sale section (usually for larger items). You can look them up if you want to see some early pictures. However, don't buy anything from the website yet, I'm going to lower the prices pretty much across the board.

Terrain is NOT included!

Prices for whole armies:
Oceanic Eldar (comes with what pictured, verify before buying) VID SOLD!
Bone Knights pics and list Sale pending SOLD!
Menoth $750
Tyranids Wave 1 and 2 SOLD!

Death Korps Infantry x90 SOLD!
Death Korps Heavy Weapon Teams x12 SOLD!
Cadian Infantry x100 $355
Cadian Weapon Team Trios (three each) $40 per trio
Imperial Guard tanks: $75 each (Vanquisher is gone)

Prices for Various
5x Blood Angels Terminators $110 SOLD
1x Sanguinary Priest $20 SOLD!
6x Ork Barricades $35
Shadowsun and drones $45
Tzeentch Wizard on Disc $45
Five Warhounds on magnetized base $45 (two lots available)
Empire Wizards $19 each
Heather's Wizard with glittery gems $20
Skaven Doomflayers $24 each
Swarmlord Ultra $115
Rifleman Dread SOLD!
Group of five Ork Boyz $29 (nine lots available)
Group of four Ork Nobz $24
Group of seven Slaanesh Daemonettes on foot $12
Group of six Seekers of Slaanesh $28 SOLD!
Eldar Aeronautica fleet (five models?) $28 SOLD!
Tyranid Aeronautica fleet (five models?) $28 SOLD!
Kings of War Undead (70+ pcs) $120
Space Hulk $395

email or text Shawn at for questions or to purchase or for availability. Phone 801 372 8545

Shipping is $9 in US/Canada and $25 to the other countries we ship to.

Everything sold as-is, as it appears. This is bargain basement, so I'm looking to clear it out without a lot of followup.



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