Walk in the Park

It's just after 10pm. All sorts of fireworks are going off all around the neighborhood. In Utah July 24th is Pioneer Day which is celebrated pretty much like a second Fourth of July. The Pioneers arrived here in the 1840s and started terra-forming the sagebrush desert into the habitable paradise you see today.

I played my first game of Eighth Edition Warhammer with Sky Marshall Anonymo. Renn was kind enough to lend me his Skaven and we played at 2750 which did not seem overly pointed at all. In fact, I would say Warhammer Fantasy is a good game to play at 3000 pts for sure, easy as pie. But make it an eight foot wide board. Played against Warriors of Chaos infantry by the way.

Here's a funny song you might enjoy, about haircuts

We didn't get to finish our game unfortunately, but it was most satisfying. Sooner or later I'm going to have to get in the ring with Renn and his dirty trixx so it helped to learn the Skaven from the other side. They are the best army in 8th edition in my opinion. Very very nice. Great figures and just over the top in 8th edition.

Sarah's husband celebrated his birthday tonight. We went up the canyon to a delightful shaded park in the shadow of the mountain with a mild river going by. It was just the right temperature and we ate good American food. I threw the old leather pumpkin around with Josephus and in general enjoyed the company of some good folk, though I did have a murderous tension headache.

I still got those Chaos Space Marines on the block as a bulk deal ($1900) until Monday around noon. Then they will get split up.

I'm booking projects for August now, and a little underbooked so a speedier turnaround.



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