Dark Metal Orks

Those paying attention to the Youtube channel maybe saw the blurb about the Tundra Orcs idea for Warhammer Fantasy. I have abandoned that idea since then, and taken down the video. It's an idea that's too top-heavy requiring too many specialty parts and conversions. Granted, that's what we do for clients all the time, but for an adult-onset ADHD type like myself I need to strike the iron while it's hot.

So, I changed the army type to a industrial-age WW1 themed Orc army. Sort of a dark metal steampunk thing. Here's the list I'm toying with, roughly:

3x Black Orc Warboss
2x Orc Shaman
6x Goblin Shaman

30x Orc Boyz
30x Orc Boyz

40x Night Goblins (I have these already painted up)
40x Night Goblins
20x Night Goblins

3x Fantatics

10x Boarboyz

6x Spear Chukkas (burly orcs with speargun-like weapons and goblin assistants)
2x Rock Lobbaz (big gunz-- I ordered a couple of FW lobbaz for this)

4x Pump Wagons (grot tank-type items)
2x Doom Divers (wide-barreled cannon)

The huge upside of this army is that I have all the parts needed on hand. Amazingly, I found sixty Orc boyz on hand mixed in with all the bitz around the studio. So, that takes care of that, just got to put them together.

Color scheme is going to be red, black and rust. And of course green skin.



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