Starting Lizards

Here's some advice for a client I wrote about starting a Lizardmen army in 8th edition:

8th ed is now a game about killing things. This is good news for Saurus Warriors. You want to run them with spears because the extra attacks and wounds are probably going to outweigh the benefit of surviving. In the old edition it was paramount that the front rank survive so that it could hit back-- not so anymore because the front AND second rank hit back regardless of how many casualties are inflicted. It's maximum carnage.

With spears you get a THIRD rank. Since everything is strict initiative order, even if you charge you're still hitting on Init ONE. It makes a solid block of Saurus Spears not need to charge AND a real tough nut to crack. Drop two Scar Vets in there and it's just absolutely beyond ridiculous.

Run your Saurus in huge blocks, at least 25 I'd say, and you'll shred your way across the battlefield.

Slann Mage Priest is easily the best choice to lead your army. Access to the new ramped up Lores and that he can be taken in any point-size army (well at least 1500) make him versatile. Losing a few second-rank attacks on his count is a downside, but not very big.

Should be easy to get it up to 1000 pts in a jiffy!


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