Lake Shore

I dreamed last night that I got off work in another city and headed down to the lake. My grandpa Len was down at the docks. He had built a boat, every plank lacquered and every fitting polished, ready for an afternoon outing.

I motioned to a young relative to wait a moment for me while I went out to the end of the dock, just to get a moment to myself. The dock was more like a looking point, with very broad steps going up to an arbour at the end. As I reached it I looked out over the lake; the purity of the sound of lapping waves, the water like liquid aquamarine tide pools, the rustle of trees on the distant shoreline. It was a moment of bliss and indeed I became weak-kneed with absolute joy.

Then I glanced back at the boat to see my grandpa standing there next to the boat so tall and straight.


As for the last few days: I've been exhausted. Friday night we went to drive-in movie (Toy Story 3) with the relatives. It was like a mini-camping trip. I have to say I enjoyed that a lot more than a regular theater.

Saturday I headed down to the studio to get some work it. I came home around noon, did some yard work out front with the kids. I'm trying to teach them the value of work; make them break a sweat, and also take in a sense of satisfaction for a job well-done. After that the whole fam piled in the minivan and we headed to the bank where I paid the kids in cash (giving the baby a dollar so she wouldn't feel left out) then headed to Wal Mart for some groceries. The kids are starting to get a better sense of using money. One is saving for something.

While I was there with the other kids my wife jetted up to Provo for some Indian food*. I just can't stay away from it. It's like food for the heart and mind, too. At home I piled up a plate with a giant cup of ice-cold milk on the side and fired up some Red Dwarf and then fell asleep. I was in and out the whole day... Exhausted as I said.

*Tandoori chicken, chicken vindaloo, rice, sweet breads (double order), pompadons and something with peas and squash in it. All extra extra mild.



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