Up for Air

The last few days have been a whirlwind with almost every studio army being sold. Bittersweet that.

Today I took my daughter out for breakfast, asking her where out of anywhere would she like to go. We went to the swankiest McDonald's in the valley. After that we drove up north to the local game shop to pick up some 8th edition Warhammer books, and a couple of copies of No Quarter (the War Machine magazine).

I spent a few hours catching up at the studio then headed home to lounge around watching "Lie to Me" (a detective-type series) on Netflix and perusing the new Warhammer rulebook.

One major note: there were rumors that to win a game you would need to double your opponent's VPs and indeed the book reads that way, but an errata insert changes that to beating your opponent by 100+ VPs. That's a lot less margin than before and very satisfying to my mind.

Baby Willow woke up at 5:30am and we tried to get her back to bed, but she was having NONE of it. So that's when we got up. But she also went to bed at 5pm and now we are praying that she sleeps through the night. I especially hope so because I am ever so tired.

Right now I am working on the studio Retribution army as well as getting the studio Industrial Orcs done. They should be all assembled within a week and painted by the end of the month.

War Machine special, two slots only: 50% off on your cost of models, and half-cost on the upgrade to L4/6 split (normally increases painting cost by 1.5x but with this special it's 1.25x) if you want that.



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