Retribution Update: Rahn

I've been working up my Retribution army. I'm up to about 60 pts maybe more. For War Machine I'd say 50 pts is average for a game and plenty of complication for a typical wargame.

I've nicknamed my warcaster (Adeptus Rahn) "Rahn Pahl". Get it?

More pics.

Here's what I'm adding this coming week:
1x Hallyr and Skarath
1x box House Shyeel Battle Mages
1x box Stormfall Archers
1x box Dawnguard Riflemen

Got an email from a youtube-watcher:


I enjoyed your Retribution v. Menoth game quite a bit. I thought I would offer you a couple minor tips on list building for Rahn. Replace the Hydra with a Phoenix. Believe me, you want that arc node. Rahn becomes a board control nightmare when he has arc nodes. I'd also heavily consider the light jack version with an arc node as well if you aren't already taking it. Also, replace the Ghost Snipers to make the Dawnguard unit full sized. Ghost Snipers are awesome models and have great fluff, but they don't do much for Rahn lists. House Shyeel Battle Mages are his bread and butter (or as they are affectionately known in the Warmachine community: "Kittens with Mittens".). You really can't go wrong with taking 2 squads of these guys in a Rahn list. Makes his feat turn that much more devastating.

Hope that helps a bit. Rahn wins a lot of the big PP sanctioned tournaments. You've picked yourself a strong caster.




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