Long Sunset

The big news today is that we did our first webcam battle report. I got to the office around 10am and started clearing out the various tasks when E. arrived (a friend of the studio) with all the hardware so we just did it that way instead of a regular battle report on Youtube. This is how it will be in the future most likely. However, we will notably upgrade the quality on all levels.

The current plan is to get two "arms" clamped on to the edges of the table and have two moveable webcams running that can hover above the battle. Then, do at least one good battle report every week.

In other news, terrain-making is in full swing with our first large project (a decaying city) booked. If the venture is a success we're likely to move Assembly downstairs, painters into what is now the assembly room and recover the World Room only as display and playing (and the webcam battle report thing).

The Industrial Orcs were completed today and I got to play with them in a 2500 point battle. Normally I like to do studio/personal armies myself or at least have a good hand, but I gave in this time (just like YOU will someday) and had Heather do them. They look so good. I almost want to cry.

Here's what needs to get added:
80x Goblins (order of the wrench-- robed and monk-like) probably with a mix of stuff but mostly bows. Goblins with bows are awesome, so I'm looking to trade-in a bunch of Battle for Skull Pass archer gobs anyone?
6x Fanatics (bomb squigs) or something else this is up in the air. Six fanatics costs 150 pts which might be better used in the army list
3x Chariots
and some Fast Cavalry would really help. I'd say Boar Boyz but I have my doubts. River Trolls? All great models.

I thought I wouldn't like all the war machines but I have to say that 6x bolt throwers is AWESOME. I vaporized a giant in a single volley.

Three night goblin shamans in a unit of goblins was just outstanding. Their spell list is beyond belief.

Flash back to last night. I took the kids to the pool. As the sun set on the distant mountains the bubbling human noises and shrieks of child-like glee seemed like a paradise on earth. Likewise tonight I took a walk in a prolonged sunset with K. She is growing into such a responsible girl. She wants to have money and a purse and some independence. She wants to hold my hand but only two fingers.

Life is good. I feel like I am floating upwards; new vistas of possibilities and goodness are opening up. Even the setbacks seem to me just new lessons.

PS- I think we will stream our Sci-fi rpg sessions, too! That would be keen!



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