Testimonial: Getting it Right

Dear Shawn,

I just wanted to recognize the outstanding support BTP provided me - throughout the entire process of selecting, painting, and shipping my Warhammer armies, and beyond that!

I've purchased 2 custom armies from BTP and could not be happier for the following reasons:

1.) People just stop whatever they're doing when they come by the table and see my armies in action! That's because my armies look amazing.

2.) Quality of customer service cannot be beat - you speak to Shawn directly, and he always keeps his word; his goal is your total delight with the results.

3.) Even after I received a model that wasn't quite designed as I wanted - with zero hassle - I was simply able to return it to them and they worked with me until it was fixed exactly to my specifications, and they were happy to do it! They even sent out pictures before shipping it back to me so I could approve changes.

Blue Table Painting is a rare resource in the world of table top gaming assembly and painting services; you're not just purchasing a set of figures - you're purchasing a high quality, uniquely-produced work of art! But it's all the little things you get along with the product that truly sets Blue Table Painting apart from the rest.

Thanks BTP!




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