Evil Twin Special

As you all know I'm working on an industrial-age themed Orc army for Warhammer Fantasy in anticipation of 8th edition. A few posts down is the list, but this is still in process. The minimum buy-in for a 2500-3000 point themed army (whole army on magnetized trays) is $2500*. Deposit would be $1250. If you want to jump on, I just need a deposit, we can hammer out the details later. One thing for sure, it will be at least 10% less than what you would pay a la carte. You'll be part of the process and get a mostly identical army to the one I make for myself. Some details may vary, of course, it's more like "Fraternal Evil Twins". I have a lot of ideas.

I have a few people interested in this already. We'll see what happens there, but don't let that stop you. There's no reason it can't be Evil Triplets!

Another advantage is that you'll be in the commuter lane. You'll get your army when I get my army. I don't get my army until you get your army! And I plan on jumping on this.

This army list is easily 2500 points, probably pushing 3000. It's a face-crunching, neck-stomping, waaagh-bellowing Orc horde.

At this time I'm thinking of this as the general look, but replace the white icons/bannerstuff with red.

Here are the current assembly specs. You don't see the 100 goblins because I already have those done up. In fact, you may want to make quite a few adjustments to my list and that's all right. The goblins are a real cash sink which could be spent elsewhere.


The theme throughout is metal, chains, rivets and black powder weapons. These are industrial-age orcs with WW1 technology; emerging tanks. They should be strongly enough warhammer fantasy, but have elements of 40K orks. Motor technology should be very low tech, like steampunk.

On all counts, please feel free to use your artistic license and explore new ideas on the details (but not the general thrust).

All units that would go on a move tray need to have plating.

45x Orc boyz with choppa and shield: shields are crude metal plates or faces. Some with faceplates. For the choppas I would prefer 40k-type arms where possible—with rivets and metal plating. Chains, hooks, metal plates and rivets!

15x Orc boyz with spears: the spears should be crude ork hook weapons on long poles, maybe some with the hooks at the end of chains. Like the thing that dangles from the roll bar on the ork trukk kit or the chaos marauders kit. No medieval type spears. Also with shields.

6x Spear Chukkas: 40mm square bases, largish orc with cannon-gun-like contraption that shoots a spear (spear head should be visible, maybe even a wad of them). And a few goblin assistants/reloaders.

4x Black Orc Heroes: corking or slating please. I’d like them custom made with plastics and/or included metals. 1x Banner bearer (minotaur banner with extras—an element of dark metal)

o 1x battle standard

o 2x great weapon (but with holstered weapon and shield)

o 1x hand weapon and shield (but with holstered great weapon)

o There’s a

3x Orc Shaman: rebase the Confrontation figures included on 25mm GW standard bases. Again with corking, barking or slating. The guy with the clock… um replace that with some other GW-based totemic item.

2x Doom Diver: 50mm square base (or chariot base OK), think giant-mouthed mortar. Again, a smoke-belching, cogs and gears contraption that is hauled to the battlefield and dropped into the mud with a few defensive stakes/spears stuck into the ground. And of course the shooting of the goblin thing going on. Use your imagination. Maybe basilisk guns? And a grot getting into the breach? I have included a box of plastic regular goblins for conversion here. I’d like something eye-catching here.

Rock Lobbas: Make from wide-mouthed FW lobbaz. 50mm squares with crew.

3x Goblin Fanatics: do something different here. Whatever your sick imagination comes up with. 25mm rounds please.

4x Snotling Pump Wagons: think Grot Tanks. Definitely NOT crewed by snotlings. Maybe just a single grot pilot and/or rigger. No guns obviously, but they need spikey or crunchy or mangly stuff on them. Tracked preferred.

100x Night goblins (already done)

*This can be as low as $1700 (with a $850 deposit) if you want a scaled down version, probably around 1750 pts.



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