Terrain Fest for a solid Month

OK folks, it looks like I might be renting a substantive area adjacent to the studio for a month or two just to do terrain. On top of that, I might make it a permanent thing which will require quite a push.

So, I'm taking orders for terrain starting now. You can get the pre-fab stuff (a la GW) as always, but more importantly get custom sets of BTP-style terrain. How I run it is you set a budget of $200-600 (or more even!) and give a general description of what you want. For example: Desert science fiction terrain. We then produce a set that will densely populate a single table OR reasonably populate two tables.

For a higher budget we make more terrain, more expansive (larger) terrain, and/or more detailed terrain. It takes a bit of trust, but anyone who has followed our exploits will know that we do genius terrain. We need that broad artistic license to follow our muse.

As another option, you can describe exactly what you want and I will quote like any other project.

We already have all the materials and tools, they're stored in my garage for the time being. My wife will be glad to have it all cleared out.

So, any takers?

PS- I'm still looking for lots of AT-43. I'm willing to trade in at 50% for almost anything you want (or I have quite a bit of stuff on hand).



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