Cryx Incoming

I have a Cryx trade-back army coming in.

Pics here

They are L4/6 split the highest we usually do. Cost is likely to be $850-950. You can pick them up for $800 if you want to save me the trouble and nail them down in the next few days. $300 deposit seals it (non-refundable).

Unit Name QTY
Lich Lord Terminus 1
Deathjack Helljack 1
Helljack Plastic Kit (Corruptor, Reaper or Slayer) 1
Bane Knights (6 models) 1
Brute Thrall 3
Mechanithralls Box (6 models) 1
Necrosurgeon and Stitch Thralls (4 models) 2
Pistol Wraith 1
Skarlock 1
Withershadow Combine (3 models) 1



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