Dark Eldar Update

[Got this in from a viewer, so this is third-hand information.]
Just watched your video regarding the new DE and thought you might want to hear this:

"I had a chance to have a chat with Jes Goodwin today and got some more info regarding DE release schedule.

He said that they will have 90% of the Dark Eldar models in the Codex released by June next year, so no more than 7 months.

Basically people have waited so long for this release and as it looks set to be so popular he wanted to get everything out quickly.

There are 4 new plastic kits coming next year, he wouldn't say exactly what they were but that the Venom is definitely coming soon and they have models for both flyers listed in the Dex on ready to go (but he wouldn't confirm if these were part of the 90%).

He said that the models which would take longer were the special characters, so these may form the missing 10% which means we have a lot of new models coming soon.

He is still working on a few bits, something he wants to do is have Haemonculi passengers/hangers on the Raider but isn't sure how best to do that.

The Wych passengers/hangers on for the Raider will be included in the plastic Venom kit, but there isn't another suitabe release to make up Haemonculi equivalents.

He also said that now that rapid prototyping and CAD technology has progressed the design team can use 2 ups instead of 3 ups which means that making larger apocolypse style kits (Stompa and Baneblade) in plastic is now more possible.

This means that they are currently working on one of these types of kits as the sales for the Stompa etc were very good, but wouldn't say whether they had decided on what this would be, although I got the impression he wanted it to be Eldar.

Talking of Eldar he said that producing the Dark Eldar had fired up his enthusiasm for a new Craftworld Eldar Codex and models, and he has lots of ideas for this. However this hasn't even started yet so a new Eldar Codex is a long way off."



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