It Snowed

It snowed last night. Not very much. Just enough to leave a two inch crust everywhere but the street. Family and Shawn are all snug in the rabbit burrow.

My wife stayed home "sick" from church today. She's reading the seventh Harry Potter book so that means no showers, no housework, and no personal hygiene for three days. Thankfully she'll be done tonight. I resent it. I just hate Harry Potter and those gorramn Twilight books. So, I took the kids to church and dropped them off at various classes/nursery. Really nothing to say there, just whiling away a dreary winter Sunday afternoon.

I played a boardgame with my two boys. Those two just love their dad.

I ate a whole chocolate strawberry bar. Ugh.

Then later tonight we'll play a game of who gets fed up and puts the kids to bed first.



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