This just in: BTP Batreps better than chocolate!

Hey Shawn,

This is a total non-sequitur and has no importance, so feel free to ignore it.
A funny thing happened to me today. I had just gotten through lunch, a very scrumptious meal of shell pasta with cheese, when I remembered that I was missing something. It felt like I needed some desert or something and maybe had a chocolate bar in my back pocket. Actually, I could begin to taste the chocolate bar in my mouth, the way you can when you are really looking forward to eating something. Then I remembered - it wasn't a chocolate bar after all! It was that BTP had posted a new batrep on YouTube that I can now go watch, with hoards of wonderfully painted figures charging at each other over a wonderfully modeled battlefield!
I just confused that with chocolate.

Keep up the batreps, guys, they're awesome!




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