Just picked up a Skaven Army (the one Renn has been working on for a while). In the next 24-48 hours it will be refurbished and pics put up. As it stands now this is what we're looking at:

10x infantry Heroes of various sorts (1x Grey Seer, 1x BSB, 1x Queek/Chieftan, 1x Sniktch/Assassin, 4x Warlocks, 1x Chieftan on War Litter, 1x Chieftan)
263x various infantry (at least190 clanrats)

2x Doomwheels
1x Plague Furnace
11x Weapon Teams (3x Doomflayers, 5x Plague Mortars, 3x Warpfire Throwers)
1x Warp Lightning Cannon
8x Rat Ogres
4x Packmasters

All on magnetized movement trays, various sizes for your convenience.

Lots of expert conversions. For example, all Rat Ogres are from recent kits.

Counts are not exact but that's pretty much it. The big deal here is the sheer massed amount of infantry, which a Skaven army desperately needs, and what makes the Skaven such an incredibly hard army to do right.

Price tag is $3200. We can add/match whatever additional models you want at standard rate.

Ron Paul talks a lick of sense

And a blurb of one of my faves, Naomi Klein

Here are some more interesting ideas. Look at the last half if you are short on time. Interesting listening. As you may know I'm a fan of the research of "The Shock Doctrine" but not the conclusions. Here she asks an interesting question: What's the new normal after this?

She says "Brazil levels of inequality". It makes a question pop into my head: is this inequality justified? I mean, is there such a thing as someone who is so completely un-accomplished, who has been so lazy and and irresponsible that he deserves to live in a shed? Right now the workers at BTP are propping up various welfare addicts (yes, including corporations, the worst kind of recipients) through our dutiful and painful Payroll tax payments.
Personally, I do not want banks regulated. I want their charters revoked; the power to use fractional reserve banking (legalized counterfeiting) rescinded completely. I dream of a world without banks. Abolish the Federal Reserve.



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