Family Pictures

This afternoon we all piled in the minivan and headed to a local park for family pictures. I warned the girl-photographer that my tradition is to transform into half-demon-half-man; and expressed hope that I would remain in my fully human form this time around. I did quite well.

The weather was perfect for it, partially cloudy/overcast and just the right temperature. The kids were all dressed in browns and earthtones, painstakingly prepared by my wife. She really does organize that stuff really well.

After that we headed to Wal Mart and picked up a fish tank. Everyone including Willow got to fish (ha!) one out of the tank and name it. I got a really big one who I named Hyperios! Willow was absolutely transfixed.

We put in rocks from the yard. K went out and collected them in an Easter basket. I was having trouble getting the pump to work until my wife happened into the room. She has a fixit aura that seems to just make things work. I say that she is my good luck charm.



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