Tyranid Organisms

We are still making custom Tyranid stuff from scratch:

Assembly only--

Swarmlord: $135
Ninja Swarmlord: $195
Magnetized Limbs to switch out a Swarmlord/Tyrant: +$70
Tyrannofex or Tervigon: $135
Tyranid Prime: $65
Doom of Malan'tai: $65

+$85 for painting on large creatures


We make one that is a bio-vore style one, the Omega. We can make that a shorter barrel if you prefer.

I had one made for my Mesa Nids with a short gun made from a whole Venomthrope body. That's my personal fave. Later versions of this had a very long tail added.

Recently we've been doing one that looks like a giant Hive Guard and people seem to really LOVE that one.



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