Go Warp Lightning, Gooo!

I was up bright and early this morning working on client contacts.

I ate Indian food for breakfast and lunch.

You haven't heard from me because the major news item can't break just yet. It's something so big that there's no use talking about it until we have a lot more information. It's a bit of a preoccupation. It will blow your mind. Sometime next week.

That giant Tyranid army came in. It's huge. I have it on hold for a buyer so by this coming Tuesday it will either be shipped out or it will be on the block.

Also we're building a studio Skaven army. I'm doing it clanrat-based (no Plague-anything, nevermind that I can't pronounce the word apparently). Screaming Bell. So far I got 120x Clanrats done, all on magnetized trays, and six weapon teams. It's three pairs from the Isle of Blood kit, but I did conversions on every one to make them unique. Same for the command units, the banners are all different.

I've got 80x regular (non-IOB) clanrats coming, along with a Screaming Bell (actually already in for those observant folk out there), and two Doomwheels. And some other stuff. Oh, a Hellpit Abomination is going to get in there. Home conversion for Warp Lightning Cannon.

This will be for sale of course. I'll probably split it up.

Oh, and I got a Menoth army tradeback coming. It's pretty big and will probably be on the block for about $900. If you dig around for Menoth JC I think it's that one.

Personally, I'm doing great. I got a cleaning at the dentist the other day. That's a good feeling. I actually spent about half the time talking, the gal couldn't get me to shut up. She was a delight. I am watching Darker than Black all the way through for a second time. Absolutely amazing series, very moving, deep plot, neato ideas, and touching music.



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