Dr. Spaceman

What is your contingency plan for a crapstorm of this magnitude?

--Jack Donaghy

The last few days we have slept in. The whole family is tired; up late. I've been watching Japanese robot anime so I've got an almighty hankering to do up a Tau army. This morning was lovely, the sun slowly growing in strength as it streamed through the drapes, holding my darling wife in my arms as the children came in to say good morning one by one.

I have a green flannel sheet on my side of the bed, just draped over. It feels so good. It feels like growing up. I slept a lot in sleeping bags and they always had flannel on the inside, so it's pure comfort.

I took the kids to school then headed to work. Shannon and Sarah filtered in shortly thereafter and we pretty much got a lid on the whole operation. The last few days it's been like it should be-- I keep an eye on the Inbox and answer each item as it comes in. I really want to ramp up the response time.

Someone filled the bird feeder with peanut M&Ms and I think that gave me heartburn. I think I must have aten a pound of them. I shot a lot of vids today, but didn't get them processed. I'll get them up tomorrow.

Got the Dark Eldar pricing sheet up. Or you can request it via email bluetablepainting@gmail.com

The $300 special is going, see a few posts back. Here is how I recommend it for Dark Eldar (this is for Artistic License-- +$15 if you want to pick colors):

#1 $300
1x Archon
20x Kabalite Warriors (or Wyches if you prefer)

Add 5x Incubi = +$80

#2 $300
4x Raiders

#3 $300



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