Spanish Fork

It's happened. I've been in Spanish Fork seven years and it's become home. I had a dream last night, really a sequence of dreams, that I was in a glorified version of Spanish Fork. It was like an old Spanish city with brickwork and ivy; old tall European buildings. I was taking pictures and driving around in a 1920s green car. It was loud and open-topped. It had a tall rectangular front window split into two with the side-view mirrors oddly in the center of each one, held out from a bar extending from the middle vertical bar. I went to a soccer game, wrote a story about two women at the water-treatment plant, rushed my kids to the bus station (only to miss it) and had all the pictures framed. It was quite a night.

All a dream.

It is now Wednesday morning. Monday and Tuesday were double-stacked with things to do. With a few exceptions I have cleared my Inbox and all projects are sorted, assigned and underway. I am now just watching my email for new ones, ready to answer them right away. That's where I like to be. I don't like days of delay to get back to people, and I assure you I'm working hard on it.

I have a game with Mike Dunn today: 2500 pts Rainforest Elves vs Skaven. That will be televised.

Also, Dark Eldar are on order, I have a whole army's worth coming in on Friday and if no takers then I'll make them post haste into a studio army. You'll see a 40K batrep real soon. We have also had a preliminary meeting to discuss possibilities for the unpublished models from the codex. There are about six: Wracks, Beastmaster Beasts (three kinds), Cronos and Talos. The latter does have a published model, but it's absolutely horrid.



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