On a Whim

Well, we're creeping up on seventeen years married.

Tamie and I went out to sushi spontaneously last night. We like a new place up north called Blue Fish. I highly recommend, they are noticeably better than any other place. Then we went to a fancy candle shop where the owner and assistant were by themselves. Reason: it was snowing now and the strip mall was deader than a doornail. We ended up talking with them for like forty minutes about marriage and relationships. I couldn't believe the stuff we talked about with these two complete strangers; sitting on victorian-era-type couches and chairs surrounded by crystal and wax.

Heading home the storm hit with a fury and on the freeway we were going only about 30mph. Fortunately I brought my computer and the car-plug and so I got the schedule all worked out for projects this week. Yes, I am even working on dates. My wife doesn't mind most of the time as I get flexibility at other times.

Today I woke up at the crack of dawn feeling refreshed. A crust of snow was over the neighborhood, sheltering branch and concrete in quiet and white.

I basically lounged around, reading the Beastmen army book then realizing that I'm wasting resources on Warhammer Fantasy and I need to get cracking on 40K. I mean, I had 132 Glade Guard painted up. That would be like two Space Marine armies. Good grief.

Then off to church where it was a mostly complete waste of time. The kids are up and down for drinking fountain and bathroom and pencil-sharpening. Willow is now in the terrible twos and does everything at maximum volume and without stopping and shrieks to high heaven when taken to the foyer, an absolute terror just fighting me at every turn, struggling and squirming with those thunder thighs of hers. Tamie makes herself conveniently absent for this or that dropping the trouble all on my lap. Blargh!!!

It's like hefting cement blocks to get those kids to do anything. It's bonecrushing.

At least we get a little bit of peace when the kids are off to nursery or primary. Those people are sure taking a hit for the team. Unbelievable.



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