Impending Doom of Ork-ness

All right, I went through all those Orks.

2x Warbosses
54x Nobz (yes that many)
39x Shoota Boyz
46x Slugga Boyz
2x Painboyz
6x Deff Koptaz
10x Warbikers (can pass as Nobz or be converted as such)
12x Lootaz
3x Mega-Armor Nobz (metal ones)
13x Big Shootaz
12x Rokkit Launchaz
14x Kommandoz (4x metal ones)
4x Battlewagons
11x Stormboyz
1x Trukk
1x Big Mek

If you want to commission an Ork Turbo army you can do so at the following rate:

Orks 1500 pts for $1450
Orks 2000 pts for $1700
Orks 2500 pts for $1900

Get a $200 credit for conversion work if you set it up in the next ten days. Limited QTY (1). This is for a mixed Ork army (not the Nobz list).

If it were up to me it would probably look like this:
1x Warboss
1x Big Mek
1x Trukk
60x Boyz variously armed
6x Nobz on foot plus a painboy
6x Nobz on bike (one of which could pass for Warboss) plus a painboy
1x Battlewagon with Deff Rolla
11x Stormboyz (maybe)
12x Lootaz

I can add or modify anything you want. You can also order an Ork army a la carte. Any models on this list are 50% off (the cost of model).

Here's one possible color scheme.

Also, I am bringing back the Spikey Steel Boot special. We can start instantaneously.



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