Advance Scout Report

Thanks to Advance Scout Paul for this summary of rumors and useful articles.

Here's some events happening in the mini wargaming world. Other than people squabbling on release dates for GW, not much is happening.

Here's the release months (pretty finalized)

January: Tyranids
Febuary: Beastmen
March/May: Blood Angels
June/july: Fantasy 8th edition
Septemer: 8th edition box set

Beastmen cover (codex release in feb):

New Warmachine khador warcaster Kommander Strakhov:

More Warmachine Cygnar trencher commandos. They are some really cool looking steampunky figs:

Skaven Banners from GW here. Just color them in photoshop, print out, glue down, and paint around the edges.



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