Basic Training Army Special

I'm starting a new special for December (and possibly January).

I was laying awake the other night thinking "What's the least expensive an army could be done?" This was brought on by the multitude of inquiries I get for the cheapest route for getting a painted army on the board.

$775 for a 1500 pt army ($325 down pulls the trigger)
$960 for a 2000 pt army ($425 down pulls the trigger)

This is with BTP getting to choose everything (you pick 40K or Fantasy, but we pick which army), and painted to a basic level (L2).

The standard is we choose from more competitive armies with newer rulebooks unless you want to open up other possibilities.

Within this parameter, I promise to make the coolest army possible. But remember, I was going to call this the "Beggars can't be Choosers" special!

All I need is a deposit to get started. You'll have your army in about thirty days.

Here are some examples of armies we might do for this:

Tau 1500
2x Shas'o battlesuits
3x Battlesuits
6x Stealth Suits
24x Fire Warriors
2x Devilfish
4x Shield/Gun Drones
2x Hammerhead

Deathguard 1500 pts (actually a bit higher)
2x Daemon Prince with Wings
21x Plague Marines
3x Rhinos
2x Vindicator
3x Obliterators

2x Farseer
10x Fire Dragons
20x Dire Avengers
3x Wave Serpent
1x Wraithlord



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