Chicken Vindaloo

First off, I just saw this vid report of a tournament and this guy had a Skaven army with 180 slaves/rats and another 180 clanrats. No magic, no casters, just a wave of brown.

Friday was Paint Fest. We went over basing styles as well as how to paint more efficiently. Here is one of a many number of slides about setting up an efficient station. This is my view of one of the best setups for painting. Everything is scrunched in close, everything handy. Water dish is shallow and broad and filled up just over half way.

I have recently started using an even larger water dish, a small tub actually.

Julie is working on a Lizardmen army that is just beyond belief. The saurus are sandy colored with deep jade colored armor, brass weapons with crystal blades. They look better than any lizardmen I've ever seen. You'll get to look those over later.

Paint Fest had a fabulous turnout. It's college level education intended to expand techniques and make sure that everything is homogenized: all painters should be able to do the same work as the others. And also cross-pollination of skills.

I have to shamefully say that I didn't paint anything for Paint Fest. I just sat there and chatted, and read army books. Sad.

Friday evening I went out with Tamie to a small concert featuring her sister's husband's band. Afterwards we went out for pie. I bought a pecan pie to take home. I made myself sick on that the following morning.

Saturday afternoon I put in just more than a half-day at the studio getting everything caught up. I watched like ten episodes of Red Dwarf. That show is beyond awesome. What a great adventure. Loads of fun. And good sci-fi, too. Not for kids, but probably more tame than your typical episode of Seinfeld. Though evidently the middle finger is all right on the UK airwaves.

Once home, we bundled up all four kids and headed to the local grocery store. There is a certain one, Macey's (not the clothing store Macy's) that is particularly beloved of the locals. It is bright and well-stocked, and on a Saturday night it is packed, and we're sure to run into a few people we know. It's closed on Sunday, which is why we like it-- the story is that they have been standing against larger chains open 7 days a week.

The kids love it. We like to pick up a little baggie for each child of those scoop-bin candies. I also picked up fixins for hamburgers which we had for dinner.

What I really want right now is to play a game of Warhammer Fantasy. I have no new plans for new armies. I do have multiple full armies ready to be painted up, on hand and ready to roll. As usual you get a break on price for just letting us make an X point level army for a set price. No waiting-- when the half-down deposit comes through I just walk the materials into the assembly room.

  • Vampire Counts
  • Imperial Guard
  • Orks
  • Orcs and Goblins
  • Lizardmen
  • Space Wolves
At the top of our stairs is a wooden lip. I ran up full bore tonight and rammed my toe on it, smashing off a jagged, bloody quarter inch of nail. Then that magical ten seconds where you know you're hurt but the endorphins have kicked in.

Mmmmmm... Endorphins.



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