Monday Monday

Hey all, it's Monday morning and I'm pretty much caught up. I'm just sitting here by the phone/in-front-of-the-computer waiting to set up some new projects. I'm available for anything you might have in mind.

Some little-known facts:

  • You don't have to do it all by email. You can (if you want) call me and set everything up by dictation. I will type all your instructions, discuss army options, make suggestions and take your deposit by credit card; all over the phone.
  • I accept payment by almost any method you could imagine: check, money-order, cash, precious metals, and even trade-in. And of course credit card by phone/email or Paypal.

I forgot to put up the link to various tanks and fateweavers.

I'm currently setting up for the December run of your Pandora's Army or a Turbo Army.
Pandora's Army is the least expensive option: we pick what army you get and what's in it and how it's painted; but you can narrow it down. You pick the point level.
Turbo Army is you say "make me a certain number of points of this particular army" for a flat rate. We decide what's in it and how it's painted. For example: $850 for a 1500 point Warriors of Chaos army.

See here for details on those particular specials.

There's more. In the next week or so I plan on making a run of terrain. If you want some made I need a budget (usually $200-600 for a set) and your general directions of what you want done...

Just checked the weather. Looks like it's on for this Wednesday, November 4. And Thursday most likely.



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