Check out this sunset. This lasted for like ninety seconds. I turned around and it was gone.

Just put up some Ork boyz on the block. There are 27 of them being sold in groups of nine. And a nob. I plan on doing more of them. You can buy as many as you want, in fact, we can get them done as soon as you like.

The Skaven.

The Skaven are on the way. Gah! I can hear them in my mind!

They'll be here on Friday. I ordered enough to do one extra army. I just need a taker. Someone who is all hot to trot to get their Skaven army done. If you're that person I'm willing to sweeten the deal: the army will be done by November 30, and you'll get free shipping.

First time clients get 30% off on the cost of models on your first order.

I am currently booking projects for completion in December. We're ready whenever you are. The studio has never ever been more muscular.

PS- here's the extra Skaven on order:

Screaming Bell (coming end of November)
Warlord Queek Headtaker 2
Deathmaster Snitch 2
Warlord with Staff 2
Warlord 2
Warlord with additional hand weapon 2
Warlock Engineer 2
Assassin 2
Skaven Army Book

Clan Pestilens Plague Lord 1
Skweel Gnawtooth 3
Clanrats (box of 20 models) 8
Storm Vermin (box of 20 models) 4
Ratling Gun 6
Warpfire Thrower Team 2
Rat Ogres and Giant Rats (7 models) 3
Plague Monks (box of 20 models) 4
Warplock Jezzail 6

Doomwheel 4
Warp Lightning Cannon and crew 1

We also make a mean scratch-build Warp-Lightning Cannon.

We also plan on making conversions for unusual army list entries for which there is no published model.



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