Dumpster Diver

By my desk in the family room I have a low trash bin (really a deep sweater bin conscripted for trash duty). Today I found Willow torso down and fishing around for goodies. She already had an apple core in her mouth. Inspecting it, washing it and finding it fit for human consumption I watched with intense curiosity while she annihilated the entire thing with her two bottom chompers. Outstanding.

It was like watching Mr. Peepers from SNL.

She is teething. Her nose is runny and she's irritable. But she wants to eat constantly.

She is nearly one year old.

I have been sleep deprived this week. I can feel tired-ness in my bones. My eyes are heavy, but worry props them open. Last night I got a really good night's sleep, then a reprise on the couch in the morning after an episode of The Mentalist.

My wife at this moment is making apple cider from a box of apples. She is constantly cooking and our larder is always well stocked. When she was young, a venerable Patriarch prophesied that if she would always be willing to serve her fellow man she would never want for anything. I have certainly seen both of those the last fifteen years. I have been the beneficiary. She goes through life without a single worry.

Another great thing about Tamara is that she is forgiving. She never bears a grudge, large or small, for even ten minutes. That makes for a good marriage. Food and Forgiveness. She is a Good Woman.

We're just two lost souls swimming in a fishbowl.

The last few months, any time I have found my usual good nature with church-related service, and indeed towards my fellow man, to be dampened, like on Sunday morning there is a sheet of lead draped over me.

That seems to have been lifted today. I was only a few minutes late to church. I actually got a moment's peace. I just love church. It's like taking a shower. I can't imagine not going every week! My life has been so enriched.

I am breaking my conditioning. Everything on TV, Radio, and Print (with the exception of books) has been teaching me how to believe. It's really starting to chap my hide. What if everything I've been taught is a lie? College sure was. Or what if there is a deeper layer even under all that. I don' t feel at the present moment like taking this any further. You can breathe a sigh of relief now.

That's the missing link with the banks (ie the fractional reserve banking thing). So there are huge profits that drain the resources of the general population. Who benefits? Does the wealth then become more or less evenly distributed back somehow? I don't know. I have so many questions.

The kids have been taking music lessons for a few years now and it really shows. The can read music and belt out a few tunes. They love to sing, too.



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