Wilma Flintstone

I fell asleep last night watching Red Dwarf, then woke up again at 2pm, my mind doing ponderous windmills. So, I gave up on sleep and watched like four more episodes until I fell unconscious again for a few hours. Dawn came soon. I am majorly sleep deprived.

Against my better judgment I filled a mixing bowl with generic brand Capn Crunch and sent my pancreas running for cover.

I took Willow for a ride in the stroller. It snowed overnight, the mountains are powdered with it, and there is perhaps a good inch layer on the trees.

I tried to be on time for church, but didn't make it. Next week it shall be! For some reason I'm in a real funk on Sundays. There are like six families in the ward having a hard time right now so I've nothing to complain about.

Maybe I'm "crashing" around church time.

We cooked up some dumplings for dinner, so delicious and filling.

We "gobbled" three families: leaving cookies with a note to forward it to others. We were gobbled earlier this week.

Just more of the same, warm snuggly family life.



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