Happy belated Thanksgiving to all. Thanks for reading and watching. Thanks for all the kind words of encouragement. And thanks most of all to BTP's excellent clients who make the dream (for both me, the artists and our families) possible.

About Thanksgiving day:

I was a complete bear all day long. I was grousing and griping. I nagged the kids, grumbling at them to keep quiet, and why did they need to be in the same room as me? I groaned each time my wife asked me to help her out. In word and deed the polar opposite of the spirit of the day.

For the Thanksgiving prayer I went off on one of my stupidities where I ask God to smite any germs on the food, to cleanse it from unclean-ness and filth, and to commit genocide on the microbes that may be lurking in the turkey; to hunt them down and leave only a single survivor so it can tell the tale to any other bacteria that might come near the food. And so forth until all the young nieces/nephews are giggling and I can feel the burning stare of the good-woman's disapproval.

As usual, Tamie made a whole spread of gourmet quality food from scratch: pumpkin, pecan, lemon meringue pies; and so on. She is a saint of some kind; mild, loving, unselfish, unpretentious, genuine, and a demon in the kitchen.

Then instead of helping out with the dishes I crawled into bed, put an episode of Red Dwarf on the laptop, and went to sleep. All this citing a (real) headache.

The tale of Friday and Saturday is one of making myself exceptionally useful, and being ever so pleasant. Saturday morning was a moment of paradise with the baby crawling around in our bed in her pink sleepers; she was propped up on my back watching Red Dwarf with me and laughing and giggling whenever I laughed. She doesn't understand a word, of course, but she knows when a larf is being had!

I did make it down to the studio for a game on Saturday. I got to play a 2600 point game using the Fateweavers (pure Tzeentch Daemons). I love that army. Final score was something like 1800 to 2500. The Horrors burned almost the entire enemy army to a crisp. It was outstanding. That army is ever so fun to play.

In a subsequent game for the campaign at 800 pts (Warriors of Chaos vs my Dark Elves) I got all but tabled, a complete rout. I forgot to use the cauldron of blood twice, and on one occasion gave Bloodshield (5+ ward save) to a unit that already had a 4+ ward save. Pathetic.



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