Wheel of Doom!

Pics of the new Doomwheel!

I've been able to see the Doomwheel in action a few times.

Like most Skaven machinery, it has a chance to work spectacularly (eg double-time it across the board and Terror three units off the board) or to actually kill your own guys.

The Doomwheel is a wrecking machine, virtually no down-side. Let's take a closer look.

The Doomwheel is Toughness 6 and has Wounds 5 and a 4+ armor save. It also causes Terror. This puts it on par with a Giant for overall durability.

The Doomwheel moves 3d6" a turn for an average movement of 10-11". This makes its overall movement better than a chariot of cavalry on average since this is not slowed by models being nearby (ie it has no March move, it just trundles along at a steady pace). Even better, it does not need to have line of sight to charge, it can just zig around the board without a care in the world.

The machine does suffer d3 S4 hits if it moves into difficult terrain, but so what? On average that's two hits, and each one needs a SIX to cause a wound. It takes d6 S10 hits if it moves into a building or impassable terrain. Ouch. But at least it's not automatically destroyed.

The Doomwheel shoots three lightning bolts every turn. They hit automatically. Strength is an Artillery dice.

Tired.... more to come.



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