Galangal Soup

Pics: Rhino eaten up with bio-acid and swarming with roach-gaunts. See the big one here.

Yesterday morning G. (my four-year-old son) went missing. We were distraught. The whole neighborhood and the police were out looking for him. Turns out he went to a neighbor's house, people we know well and are good friends with, and was playing in their play room. They weren't home, he just went on in. When we came by looking for him (with the owner's permission-- this was one of the places we thought he would go) he hid behind the couch. It wasn't until the police showed up (again, with permission) and announced "Police!" that he came out and showed himself.

I guess his little-boy brain was like, "It's the fuzz! The jig is up!"

I was just shaking and crying with relief. It was terrible. And joyous to hold his sweet frame in my arms again!

Friday night I went out to Thai food with my darling lovely wife. Oh, she's the love of my life. I just can't get enough of her. What a good person. Married life can have a depth of warmth and comfortableness that I had never imagined.

If you live in the area I recommend Thai Drift in Orem. Very, very good food. And the best game shop in the tri-valley area (Blakfyre Games) is right next door.

Today I just hung out all morning, recovering from terrain fest and an insane Friday. I watched a new episode of the Mentalist. I do so like that show.

I did hit the studio in the afternoon, and stayed late to catch up. No tugs on the line, though. I was sad. No new project set up. I did get four new vids up, though.



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