Lunchlady Land

Spanish Fork is on a plateau, so the sunset is almost parallel with the land. For just a few minutes the sun beams in from the side and lights up all the trees.

This is going to be short. I was a burned out husk of a man. I really just did not want to be bothered. I'd like to just stay in bed for a day. But now I feel recharged.

I was up in the wee hours watching a few episodes of Ghost Whisperer, the odd program that both my wife and I like.

Then I slept in until 10am. I basically just frittered away the morning. And the afternoon.

My wife made sloppy joes for dinner. We went with the baby bundled up the stroller to deliver some relief society invitations.

Willow is doing well. She's the calmest, most personable, amiable, even-centered person in the house. Sad when the baby is the model of maturity. She just loves to be along for the ride. She can demolish almost any kind of food with her two little chompers.



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