Blue Hats

I ate an omelette and orange juice for breakfast, kitty corner at the dining room table with my wife, sitting primly in silky pink pajamas. We talked about money, plans for the kids, and the daily news.

At the studio today there were at once eight people in, coming and going with various projects.

I have models on hand for several armies, as I've mentioned before:

  • Lizardmen
  • Imperial Guard (see below for general list-- this isn't set in stone, you can add/subtract things)
  • Skaven
  • Space Wolves
  • Orks
  • Orcs and Goblins
  • Khador
Just email me for details. I can get them started straitaway.

I have a dream that one of these will be set up by the end of the day on Saturday.

I've become quite a fan of Red Dwarf. I also rediscovered an old favorite album: Hounds of Love by Kate Bush.

I used to listen to this tape when I worked for Raven Maps back in Oregon as a single young man, I think 19-20. I was the sole warehouseman, packing and shipping giant maps. I was by myself down in this huge building. I loved it. I got to organize everything. I improved the methods of packing. I got the job because the owners frequented the video store where I worked before that. I earned $3.55 an hour. When the Map job was offered at $7.50 an hour I thought I was the richest man on earth, nearly double raise. I used to buy cookies at the Cookie Connection just up the street. There was a girl named Tamara (not same as my current wife) there who I had quite a crush on. She ended up marrying the owner of the local bike shop.

I played a couple of games for the studio Warhammer Fantasy Campaign, in the 300-400 range. We're trying to get everyone worked up to a full 2000+ pt army. I'm the only one who works at the studio with a full army (Dark Elves). Here are the army types and point totals:

Dwarfs 800 pts
Ogres 500 pts
Skaven 1000 pts
Empire 800 pts

I take that back; Janene has a 1500 pt Dwarf army. She is refurbishing it and adding some cool current edition models.

I left a bit early. Sarah was just finishing up packing, a monster day of packing, and just barely making it to the Post Office. It probably won't be until over the weekend that confirmations will be out. So, rest easy. If there were any stragglers I plan on getting those out Saturday (tomorrow).

I gave my wife a much-needed break to go out to some Twilight shindig with her girlfriends. I got to be home with the kids, each one a delight. Not an ounce of frustration (tonight!). I fried up some dumplings, put them in a giant shallow bowl with soy sauce in the middle with several forks and a huge glass of orange juice and another of milk, and we all ate off the same dish. And a side of green beans. Deeelish!

Here is a view from the plateau on which Spanish Fork rests, looking south over the dales and farmland. It doesn't show, but I'm a good fifty feet above this valley.

Life is so good. I have this last year, been waiting for the other shoe to drop. How could life be so sweet and not have some terrible punishment in store? This is not what is waiting for me. The thing that I thought would be the best case scenario is only the foothill at the base of the Mountain of Goodness that the God of Creation has in store. He is full of grace and mercy. The only question is will I open my hand broadly enough to receive it. Will I have the courage and faith to embrace it?

When things go wrong I start to waver, perhaps like Peter on the water. I clamber for the edge of the boat. I must have greater faith that the Good Lord is showing me to something good.



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