Multiple Weather Personality

Big news in Gately's life: I just finished season one of Arrested Development. What a hilarious waste of time. No regrets.

Autumn in Utah is schizophrenic. Green trees of summer, trees are yellowing, and snow is already starting to fall. It's the short autumns. Fall in Oregon is very long, and sort of merges into winter. It rains a lot. Oh, how I miss the rain.

Thank goodness for Sunday. It really gives me a chance to recharge.

Today in Sunday School my wife came in with Willow. She is ever so mild mannered. Even when she fusses it is in a soft sort of muted squeal. I've never seen anything like it before. The teacher played a little something on the piano, and when she saw that it's all we could do to restrain her. She got away, crawled over to that piano and somehow got a hand up there. CHUNG!

She's a musical baby.

I had a two chicken pot pies for dinner with a thick chocolate milk (hot) with marshmallows to wash it down. So filling.

My back is screaming, hurting as much as it's ever hurt.



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