Imperial Guard- Raw Recruits and Xenos Heavies

Just got in some raw materials, enough to make an Imperial Guard army, easily 2500 pts:

6x Valkyries
70x Various Troops and Leaders
8x Heavy Weapons
2x Leman Russ (demolisher and battle tank)
1x Baneblade

You can set this up a la carte for regular prices (but 50% off cost of models).

Or you can just have us do it up how we want, 2500 pts worth, for $1500. Need $750 down. It can be done by December 15-20 if it's set up soon.

If left to our d'ruthers we would very likely do an urban-type color scheme.

Oh! I also have two Eldar Grav Tank Type II heavies on the block; one Scorpion and one Cobra.

Cost of model: $160
Cost of assembly: $120
Painting L3: $240
Painting L4: $360
Painting L5: $480
Painting L6: $620



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